???ME??? I'm Who I am!

     Still have no idea? Well... That's the reason why you are here, isn't it? So now, I would like to briefly introduce myself to you, since I am a new alien on this planet. Of course, first, you probably need to know my name since I am not a prisoner, who would be just given a number without a name. However, I think it would be easier for me to represent myself in a list; in case that you might have too many questions to ask.

Name: Luc C.
Gender: M (I bet you can tell, can't you?)
Birthday: Jan/12/1975
Age: ....WOWWWW 30 now... O;-(1
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 140-145lbs
Shoe Size: 91/2" (Why am I giving you my shoe size?
Well, I think shoes can be really good Birthday presents. Don't you think so?)
Job Fields: Computer GZ2k's types, Pastry Chef (I know they're totally different fields,
but who says a person can't  have multiple interests at the same time.)
Interests: tennis, swimming, snowboarding, ice skating, and all kind of sports.
cooking, baking, eating, and tasting.
listening music, playing PS2 & computer games, reading whatsoever, and watching video.
Favorite Movies: romantic Comedy--(Sleepless in Seattle, While You were Sleeping, Legally Blond...).
historical Drama--(JFK, Courage Under Fire, Gods & Monsters, A Beautiful Mind...).
Sci-Fi--(E.T., Matrix, Dark City...).
Favorite Actor: Tom Hank, Tom Cruise, Brendan Fraser...
Favorite Actress: Mag Ryan, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Connelly ...

     Now, "There's Something about Luc". He graduated from Sonoma State University. After graduate, he is looking for jobs which relate to his major, Computer Science. You will find out more what he can do, but that's not all. He can cook and bake as well. Baking is a hobby for him to kill his free time. Also, if there is a food network program showing on TV, he might sit in front of it for whole day. You will find some of his all-time favorite recipes in his website. Maybe you can try it out yourself.

     What is he like?  Well, he is a type of person who likes to challenge with his works, and if the work is not perfectly done, he is never going to give up. Not only likes to challenge new things but also likes to get things done fast. But don't you think that get things done fast meant don't care about the quality? Remember I told you that he cares things perfectly be done. Therefore, if things require 8 points, he will try to get 10 points instead of 8. Oh one more thing, I forgot to mention that he learns things very fast. Sometimes I am wondering if he is a human being or not.

     There will be more coming up; as long as, I explore more fun stuff to talk about later on... Here is the update! Graduation Ceremony. (click on the picture below)

Taking chances as seeking adventures...
A step forward, you find a way to heaven...
A step backward, you live in peace forever...
Love is passion, Time is for Love;
Rejoice my life, Seeking for true Love.

--Luc C.

     News about Luc, on job hunting now. Here is his Resume for more new challenged opportunities. If any of you thinks that there is a new chance for him, please drop him a line.

Start       1stStep

1 O --angel ring, ; --eyes, - --nose, ( --sad mouth. So combined them together will get angel's sad face.