January in France

  January is the beginning of the year. French cuisine is one of the most delicate cooking style in the world. Nice and colorful presentation, fancy and special sauces, and rich sweet desserts make French food so famous.

  First, beginning with soup, 'VICHYSSOISE' (leek and potato), and appetizer, 'LAYERED CRAB & AVOCADO PATE', for the cold January weather.
  Then, the main course will be the 'RACKS of LAMB with PORT & ROSEMARY SAUCE' or 'CHICKEN with SAUCE VERONIQUE'. Two dishes both show you how different the sauces will make the ordinary meal become irresistible.
  Of course, as last, we will need a sweet dessert to go with our first month of the year.  'RICH CHOCOLATE MOUSSE' has a rich flavor of chocolate in cream with light rum to full fill your sweet dreams.



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